Our company was set up in 1976 and has been following technology for your own benefit for 32 years.

Machines of the latest technology CNC Laser of cutting and etching give you the possibility to create and achieve the desirable results.

It is about two dimensional cuttings and etching on various materials like metal (aluminium , inox, iron, brass ) ,plexiglass, wood, membrane and leather.

We provide you the design or we get your files in linear form in ACAD(dxf&dwg), COREL DRAW(cdr & eps).

We fulfil your wishes concerning silk-screen printing on aluminium, membrane, PVC and any other difficult surface.

We also make flexible membrane switches.

We are at your disposition about various vinyl cuttings.

The greatest part of the production process is checked and carried out by a P/C.

Our company is the absolute and the most guaranteed solution in its domain having as customers the most well known names of private and public sector.

Our main concern is your total satisfaction from our co-operation!