Flexible membrane switches of classic type (capacity keys, keys with air gap) and new type (keys with sheet of metal).Τhese switches have been established in the majority of electronic constructions among the countries of the European Community.

Some of their advantages are:

a) Long life span. 

b) Industrial Specifications, since their waterproofing and strength don’t allow dust; damp, high/ low temperatures affect them.

c) The cost slightly changes by the number of keys (especially the classic type).

d) Financially, when the fraction quantity/ size increases.

e) Very nice aesthetics.


Their usage helps you avoid the:

a) Purchase of traditional keys.

b) Construction of switches (when the electronic operational panel of the device can’t be used simultaneously because of e.g. lack of space)

c) Procedure of sticking the keys.

d) Procedure of panel cutting shaping at keys position.
The exterior surface can have transparent areas for leds or LCD to be placed and red transparent ones for seven segment displays.
The products fulfil European specifications, the raw materials are imported and quantity checked before their delivery.

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