1. Cutting shaping in XY metal shaft (aluminium, iron, stainless material) or plexiglass from CNC Laser of the latest technology cutting. Cutting from a machine like that brings :

Great accuracy (±0,05 mm).

High quality of cutting

Exact repetition.

Maximum layout of processed paper 3x 1.5 m while maximum thickness per material:

Iron: 20 mm

Stainless material: 12mm

Aluminium: 8 mm

Transfer quickly and easily any linear design from Autocad, Corel, Draw etc to the material you wish, producing metal accessories, machinery panels, plates, paint stencil and a lot more metal products. 

2. A table cutting plotter with knife in vinyl plates used in sign painting is available. The subject of cutting can be any design of the designing programme that runs in WINDOWS, or a scanned picture (e.g. a company logo) vectorizing and enriched with a variety of greek or foreign fonts, meeting your expectations. MAKE YOUR OWN illuminated signs for your company or decorate your company vehicles with the necessary logos.

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